Monday, February 1, 2010

SRG 2010


SRG 2010 marks our acheivement in the Humanoid Robot Competition.
With one gold, one silver and one bronze, our humanoid team has did NYP proud.

Here are some exciting moment:

The result of final run

Our champion robot Finale is walking towards the first way point

Group photo (from left to right)
Bottom row : Mr. Wong Chin Sai, Mr. Jackson Ng, Ms Yin Hang, Ms Tang Xi Hui, Ms Sun Muxin, Ms Wu Yushan, Ms Jasmine Toh, Mr. Michael, Mr. Albert Tan, Mr. Hao Du

Top row : Mr. Tay Hock Leong, Mr. Ang Wei Sin, Mr. Lam Yook Ming, Mr. Ho Kin Cheng, Mr.Wu Limin, Mr.Chen Lin Di, Mr. Liu Shijun, Mr. Lim Sock Lip

Prize presentation
From left to right: Mr. Liu Shi Jun, Mr. Hao Du, Ms Wu Yushan, Ms Luo Meng Qian, Mr. Oussama Khatib, Ms Yin Hang, Mr. Chen Lin Di, Mr. Micheal

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